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Mistakes To Avoid During This Holiday

By Cody from CO January 19, 2018 0 comments

Mistakes To Avoid During This Holiday

You’re guide to having the perfect, accident-free holiday!

Sloppily Organized Holiday Parties – Learn How to be a Good Host

Mistakes To Avoid During This Holiday

If you are planning to host a holiday party, then you need to think about a few things. It’s a wonderful gesture,but knowing how to be a good host isn’t just about the guest… You need to have some fun too!

Holiday parties are always nice, but they can easily take a wrong turn and you end up with a big mess.

So here’s our advice. DO NOT turn your kitchen into a bar. Everyone will be swarming in and out of there. It’s going to get crowded, fast. Thus making it hard for you.

Make sure the bar is located in the area where people can talk and mingle. This way, you can liven up the party, without the stress!

DO NOT overdo it with preparations. Don’t get too invested. You’re more on edge and stressed out if you have too many things to do. You’re guests will pick up that vibe and things will get awkward.

Instead, make it a casual gathering, where everyone can bring in drinks and snacks. We’ve all had our share of potlucks! It’s easy and a fun way to get people talking.

Overall, just enjoy the party and have fun! It’s the holidays!

Holiday Shopping and Gift Giving Mistakes

Mistakes To Avoid During This Holiday

Gift giving is hard for anyone, especially when you’re on a budget and you have a 10 page list of people to shop for.

A huge mistake during the holiday season that we see happen a lot is when the budget is thrown out the window and the credit cards are being swiped. (You know you’ve done this.)


Instead, be creative. Why have your wallet crying when you can find the perfect gift for less.


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Tech Mistakes

Mistakes To Avoid During This Holiday

Holidays can be dangerous because they give online thieves enough cover to pull of all kinds of frauds. There are fake gift cards, online shopping frauds, phishing scams, etc. These usually arrive in your e-mail, acting like shopping incentives that actually contain malware. It seems natural to receive those emails, but they can easily steal your login credentials or credit card number, which will really ruin your holiday.

When you receive an email, make sure you have good antivirus software installed. DO NOT click on anything suspicious.

Travel Mistakes

Mistakes To Avoid During This Holiday

If you are planning to go on vacation and travel during the holidays, then remember to do some of the following things just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

- DO NOT forget to check when your passport expires, and renew it if necessary. This normally takes around 2 weeks to a month, so get it done at least 2 months ahead of time.

- DO NOT forget to put your passport somewhere you can always find it and do not forget to pack it.

- DO NOT forget to print out your boarding pass, if you’re flying.

- DO NOT be late getting on your flight. The holidays mean the airports are going to be packaged, so leave early and don’t get into traffic jams.

We hope that we’ve covered everything in order for you to have the perfect, accident-free holiday!

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