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Is It Worth It For Apple To Remove The Headphone Jack On The Iphone 7


It’s almost that time again for a new cellphone. The iPhone 7 is coming soon and there are quite a few changes and improvements being made. Aside from all the talk on the appearance of the phone, a controversial subject has been going around about Apple losing its headphone jack for the new phone model. With all the mixed opinions out there, it’s one of the biggest physical changes of the iPhone. Big changes can get some time to get used to, but should they be embraced if they’re efficient changes?


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The Changes Along With The Reasons

Apple got rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack in order to create a thinner look, while also building more internal space for the hardware in comparison to the iPhone 6. Believe it or not, the headphone jack takes up more space than you think, and with it removed, the iPhone 7 will be able to stretch a bigger screen. And also, removing the headphone jack would mean removing an opening in the phone for chances of a more waterproof device. But without a headphone jack, you’ll be needing to purchase lightning headphones. With lightning headphones, you have a lot more to experience in sound quality. Normal headphones jacks would supply at most, CD quality sounds but lightning technology, integrates digital to analog converters and amplifiers.


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Where To Buy Lightning Headphones

One of the most popular and well known headphones built for the iPhone 7 is the new Audeze’s Sine. These lightning headphones use planar magnetic drivers that deliver high quality detail and accurate sounds. Digital transfers of audio would avoid interferences from analog signal. Lightning headphones can also draw power directly from the device rather than charging the device, which means listening and charging at the same time. Another benefit using these headphones are the easy customization of sounds. The Sine allows you to control the levels of bass and treble with a built in amplifier and custom audio processing.

Another popular lightning headphone for when you’re on the go are the Hyper Flex Wireless Headphones that are easy to use, tangle-free, comfortable, and adjustable. With charging capabilities for up to 5 hours of music and talk time, this wireless headphone will help you stay ready to go. These headphones also feature noise isolation, bass response, an in-line mic, and rich stereo sound. With these added features, being on the go becomes hassle free.


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Our Thoughts

If the rumors are true about the iPhone 7 losing its headphone jack, then we’re going to celebrate the change with open arms. Having said that, with the technology being so new, products will be pricy at first, but overall we hope the changes are worth it. If you want more information, take a look at our Apple certified lightning cables and share your thoughts on whether removing of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 will be worth it.

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