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How To Maximize Your Battery Life

By Cody from CO January 22, 2018 0 comments

How To Maximize Your Battery Life

Have you ever wondered what is draining your battery life? There could be many reasons to why your phone battery is not holding up the way you want it to. But it makes sense that your battery would drain given the amount of time you spent on it, whether it’s due to texting, playing games, watching videos, or making phone calls pretty often. These are all pretty common everyday activities to do on your smart phone. However, you can still manage how much you use your battery with some hidden tricks you might not know about. Let’s explore the different reasons to why your battery life is draining as fast as it is and then find solutions to maximize it.


What’s Killing your Battery Life?

If you own a smartphone, you’ve probably come to the realization that using the camera, playing games or watching videos can be pretty demanding to your battery life. But there’s so much more that comes into play. Here are some major factors that drain your battery.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If you are someone that experiences battery drainage frequently, then you should probably pay attention to the Wi-Fi. Turn off the setting to join networks because it will always search for available Wi-Fi around you, thus using valuable battery life. And a simpler way is to just turn it off when you’re not using it. Many people connect their smartphones to cars or speakers via Bluetooth, but forget to turn it off after they’re done. Your phone’s Bluetooth works similarly to Wi-Fi, it scans and searches for available signals when its on.


How To Maximize Your Battery Life


Screen Brightness

Let’s talk about what you can do instantly right now, starting with your phone’s screen brightness. The brighter your screen, the more energy is demanded from your battery. You don’t really need the brightness all the way up at night or indoors anyways. The best way to make sure your screen brightness is at a reasonable level, turn on your auto brightness settings. Click here for more information. 


Killer Apps

One of the most popular apps used by people of all ages today is Snapchat. If you have this app and other social media, it is one of the main sources of battery consumption. Apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram all run in the background even when they’re not opened on your screen. But there is a solution to this. The reason for Snapchat’s battery problem is its background app refresh setting and the app is constantly updating even when it is not open. To fix it, go to your settings where you can turn off the Background App Refresh option for these apps. For more information on apps that drain battery, check out this site

Notifications also play a role in background app activity and battery drainage. Turn off your notifications for the apps you feel like are not as important to preserve battery life. And also, it might be a good idea to turn off the notifications for apps that you use constantly. If there’s that one app you check more than 5 times in an hour, you probably wont need it to notify you.


Power Banks to the Rescue

Battery drainage can be annoying, especially when you get below 20%. But even after you’ve done all you can to preserve your phone life, you still experience battery lost. You can’t be blamed for using your cellphone, but when the juice is running out, you need a fast solution.

Portable chargers are compact and efficient. They can be very useful when you’re traveling, going out for long hikes, or experiencing battery drainage. Check out our Power Banks here.


How To Maximize Your Battery Life

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