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Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

By Cody from CO January 19, 2018 0 comments

Holiday Gift Guide For Tech Lovers

Are you planning on buying a holiday gift to your tech-loving family member, friend, or partner? Gadgets and tech gifts in general have become some of the most popular holiday gifts. Everyone is looking to buy them, but many gadgets come with a heavy price tag…


Having said that, don’t  give up your search for a great techy gift. You’ve got the list of the best gifts with affordability in mind. Start to discover the best holiday gifts for your tech-lover today!

Camera Lenses for Smartphones


Besides the fact that the lens enables smartphones and iPhones to capture amazing close-up images, something you could never do in the past, this optical zoom lens can be detached and attached easily and it has other cool uses as well. With this attachment, your smartphone can quickly transform into a pair of widescreen binoculars that can be used for various purposes.



It is perfect for people who like to travel and go sightseeing from a distance, like on boat trips, safaris, or taking it all in from the top of the mountain. This lens can also serve as a monocle when you remove it from the phone. It has a focusing ring that can be adjusted manually to capture sharp pictures.



Order at Amazon

NES30 Retro Bluetooth Game Controller



If you have a gamer on your list of close friends, someone who’s been into video games for a long time, then he or she will fall in love with this present. Even though they are probably playing the latest and most advanced games at the moment, true gamers have a lot of respect and love for nostalgic gadgets that remind them of their childhood and their first gaming experiences.



This exact replica of the old Nintendo controller was the first gaming controller a lot of gamers played with and now, it is compatible with most modern devices, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. It uses Bluetooth technology and can be used to play these new, modern games. There are also other similar vintage controllers for old consoles such as Nintendo 64 or Super Nintendo.



You can find these vintage controllers on Amazon.

Bluetooth String Lights

Holiday Gift Guide For Tech Lovers


This is really a perfect gift for all people who truly enjoy the holiday season. No matter if we are talking about students, family members, your spouse or anybody else, this is truly a fun holiday gift. These string lights are powered by Bluetooth and they also have speakers that can be connected to your smartphone and activated to play a person’s favorite holiday music so that they can create a perfect Christmas mood whenever they feel like it.



This string is 26 feet long and can be used outdoors. Also, it is completely waterproof. Given the fact that the range is 33 feet, the user can safely walk away and do something else while the signal remains uninterrupted. Additionally, a person can use this gadget to make an amazing holiday surprise and create magical moments they will remember for a lifetime. Truly a cool tech gift you can give to someone, especially because it’s compatible with most devices. 


You can buy it at Sharper Image.

Drone Quadcopter



Drones have become extremely popular with those that are travelling and wanting to film much more than just at arm's length. These gadgets range from low prices of around $50 to tens of thousands of dollars. Having said that, this gift can thrill anyone that has a love for mixing tech and the art of film.



This drone has a flying duration of about 10 minutes and has the functionality of the following:  flying up/down, forward/backward, turning left/right, headless easy fly mode, altitude hold mode, and left/right sideway flight. The drone is about 51cm in diameter and is able to be attached to a GoPro in order to create the perfect documentary of your holiday activities.


Find this easy to use drone, at CellularOutfitter.

Winter Texting Gloves

Holiday Gift Guide For Tech Lovers


If you have a friend who simply cannot spend an hour without texting with someone, or you would like to let your partner know that you don’t want to spend a moment without being able to talking to each other, then these gloves are some of the best tech gifts you could possibly buy for someone (and for you as well).



These gloves work on touchscreens as if you were typing with your bare hands. During the winter, we are not all that keen on taking our gloves off if we want to text someone, but with these gloves, you can stay warm while still being able to use you phone regularly. They are quite warm and come in three different colors.


To get these simple yet amazing gloves, visit Urban Outfitters.

Fire HD Tablet for Kids



If you have children, or a young sister/brother, you probably know how often they ask you to give them your phone or tablet so that they can play games or watch videos. This would be ok, if you were 100% sure that nothing would happen with your device.



No matter how much you want them to have fun, you still don’t want your device to end up damaged or even broken. Instead, give those little rascals this amazing tablet.



The Fire HD Tablet for kids is still lightweight and a completely functional device, but its casing is designed to protect it from any physical or water damage. Although it’s not completely waterproof, it’s still quite water resistant. The little ones can now have their fun without you worrying about the safety of the device they are using.



To see the price and further specs, visit the Amazon store.

A Pen with 3D Printing Capabilities



If you know creative people who are dear to you, surprise them with this amazing 3D printing pen. Let your curious niece turn her imagination into reality with this pen that emits a warm thermoplastic which comes in a huge variety of colors. With this pen, it’s possible to conjure 3D models that will turn solid in just a couple of seconds.


This pen ejects a substance which is similar to a mixture of ink and glue. This creates 3D shapes right before your eyes. A starter kit 3D pen has 50 refills with various colors, however if you want additional tools like a stand or a foot pedal you will have to pay a bit more.



Give your loved ones a chance to show their imagination by ordering this 3D pen at Hammacher Schlemmer.


These are all amazing tech gifts everyone would enjoy having. However, make sure to think about it a bit more. Do your best to personalize each gift you buy, and remember, it’s the thought that counts. Have fun, and happy holidays!

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