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Find The Best Car Charger For You

By Cody from CO January 22, 2018 0 comments

Find The Best Car Charger For You


Cell phones have become the essential gadget for our everyday lives and with that maintaining our smartphones have also become a giant priority. Since we don’t have access to technology that does not require charging, we have become very reliant on chargers, especially car chargers. Everyone is on the go and so charging whenever or wherever you are is extremely important. However you don’t need to spend a fortune on keeping your already expensive smartphone charged and ready to go. Here’s how you can find the best car charger for you.

Find the best car charger for you with CellularOutfitter today!

For the LG Users

  • 0.6 amp / 600 mA output

  • Length: 6 feet

  • Color: Black

  • Price: $2.99

This is one of the most reliable car chargers you’ll ever come across at it’s price! With a long length of 6 feet, you won’t have a problem with charging your phone from all the way in the back seat. It’s lightweight and travel-friendly so wherever you go you can always count on this charger to keep your phone ready to go. There’s also a vibrant blue LED charge indicator at the top of the charger. Try out this affordable and user friendly charger today!



“Love it, charges my phone super fast” - Bea (5 Stars)


“Love the big blue light, easy to see and not a glaring red dot! Works perfect.” - Della (5 Stars)


“Slim fit and does what it is supposed to do. Great price.” -JC1 (5 Stars)


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Find the best car chargers for your Samsung at CellularOutfitter today!

For the Samsung Users

  • 1 amp / 700 mA output

  • Length: 4 feet

  • Color: Black

  • Price: $14.99


Get the best charge for your Samsung devices with this OEM genuine car charger. Its compact and durable design is the perfect accessory for charging your smartphone on the road. The original Samsung charger also offers an intelligent chip that prevents overheating. Rely on quick charges to boost your device with 700mAh. This is one of our highest rated car chargers.



“I only buy OEM parts and this works great! Thank you for quick shipping.” - LynnA (5 Stars)


“I felt for the Samsung line to only use Samsung charger and I was surprised to find them at CellularOutfitters at a good price, Thank you” - Goodbuy (5 Stars)


“I was a little worried at first because I have not ordered from CellularOutfitter previously. However, it was a pleasant experience. The product was shipped and since it was a Samsung product it fit my cell phone perfectly.” - mgbsecteacher (5 Stars)


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Find the best iPhone car chargers at CellularOutfitter today!

For The iPhone Users

  • 1000 mA output

  • Length: 6 feet

  • Color: Black

  • Price: $16.99


If you’re looking for speed charging, the high-capacity output, and long cable length, then the Cellet  Lightning iPhone charger is perfect for you. This reliable charger comes with a blue LED light that easily lets you know when your phone is properly plugged a blue LED light to let you know your phone is properly plugged in and charging. Also, this car charger comes with a built-in smart IC chip that prevents overcharging and so you’ll charge worry free!



“A wonderful product. It works as it should and I like the fact that it has a longer cable, which could come in handy at times.” - falconhigh (5 Stars)


“This is one of the best vehicle chargers I have ever used.” - Dan (5 Stars)


“Just travelled over 2000 miles. Used often and great results.” - SPD (5 Stars)


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