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Best Cell Phone Accessories To Bring On Your Flight

While getting ready to visit your friends and family for the holidays, you’ve packed your clothes, toothbrush, and of course,you’re not leaving the door without your phone. Most people use their phones on flights to beat the long hours of boredom, but many forget their phone accessories that help create the best in-flight experience. So if you’re someone who always brings a carry-on bag, there are definitely certain cell phone accessories that you won't want to forget


Battery Packs


Not all planes today offer power outlets and even if they do, most people tend forgot their house adapter. This is where portable battery power banks come in handy to ensure your smartphone is always properly charged for those long flights. What kind of power banks is best for travel? You might not have a ton of space in your baggage; so choosing a compact power supply is probably the most efficient way of saving space. Take the Cylinder or Slim Power Banks for example, they are compact and easy to take anywhere. They usually provide a 1-2x charge for your phone. If you have a family to worry about and don’t mind worrying about extra space, we would recommend taking a look at high capacity power banks that have multiple ports and have multiple charges in them so the whole family can use at the same time!


Protective Cases


We all know catching a flight can be a stressful time and you always seemed rushed. Countless people can attest to dropping their phones a couple times during their lives at the airport, it just happens. There are even some stories about phones slipping through cracks in seats and getting their screen scratched up from the metal and debris that can be there.


Protecting your smartphone should be a priority! Nowadays different cases are resistant to shock, drops, and other harmful elements from your everyday activities. You don’t want a cracked phone to be the only thing you remember from your trip.


Invest in a phone case that has the track record of being reliable and tough. Look for the Military Drop-Tested Logo (MIL-STD), as those tend to be the ones you can count on. You don’t want a cracked phone to be the only thing you remember from your trip.


Noise Cancelling Headphones


With the emergence of music playstations like Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes Music, do not forget to bring your headphones! From passing the time with today’s top hits to distracting yourself from the loud airplane engines, headphones on an airplane is a must. As you know there a million different types of headphones to buy, but it might be better to get some noise cancelling headphones. Traditional headphones can get tangled easily and frankly don’t block out the outside noises. Even with the price difference, we strongly recommend investing in wireless noise cancelling bluetooth headphones.


Built-In Stand Cases


A relatively new concept, many of the newer models of cases are now engineered with a built-in stand to view your multimedia. With the emergence of video streaming services these cases have become quite popular. Stop holding up the phone with both hands and be at peace by just standing up your screen for your viewing pleasure. If you don’t know what they look like or if you're afraid it can add bulk to your phone, check out the Bolt or Static cases to get a better idea of what it looks like. So now you can watch your favorite movies and not have to worry about holding your phone up or trying to find the perfect position so your arms don’t get to heavy.


Wallet/Multi-Functional Cases


Have you ever run into the problem of getting to the security checkpoint and ended up holding up the whole line because you have a hundred different things to carry through security? Instead of carrying a purse, wallet, and a phone at the same time and have to juggle between all three while impatient people are giving you the death stare behind you, just put everything into one compact wallet case. Many wallet cases today come with multiple card slots, a place to put cash or small documents, and your phone. Save time and hassle by investing into this convenient travel item.

Overall make sure that you are properly prepared for your next upcoming trip and ensure you have enough phone accessories to keep yourself happy and stress-free! Is there anything else that you must have on your trips? Go ahead and share your favorite carry on for your phone and maybe we can feature it on our next update!

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