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5 Cool Ideas For Turning Instagram Photos Into Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts to your loved ones, you always want to find a perfect gift that will show that you love and care about them. Sometimes, you want to give them exactly what they need at the moment and other times, you want to give them something special that they did not see coming – something that perhaps has a little bit of your own personality.


You can make some pretty awesome personalized gifts that will show the recipients how much you appreciate them and value your relationship with them. If you lack creativity, you can do a bit of research online, since you can certainly find an infinite number of ideas for custom gifts, many of which you can even make completely on your own.


Speaking of creativity, have you ever thought about Instagram as an inspiration for gifts? If you haven’t, prepare to be amazed, since the following ideas will certainly inspire you to surprise your loved ones with some very cool gifts that they will surely fall in love with.

A Unique Lenticular Print

5 Cool Ideas For Turning Instagram Photos Into Gifts

A lenticular print can really be a one-of-a-kind gift and there’s not a person in the world who wouldn’t want to have one. Almost all of us had those awesome prints when we were kids and they can be some of the best gifts ever. The print has an image on it and, when you look at it from a different angle, it changes to another image – how awesome is that?


You can make a unique lenticular print entirely on your own or you can use Instawink to make one by combining two Instagram photos of your choosing. Simply visit the website and either link your Instagram account in order to choose the photos, or simply upload them from your phone or PC. Instawink is based in the US, but they offer worldwide shipping, so you can get your lenticular print in no time and surprise your loved ones with a unique gift that they would absolutely love.

Polaroids and Mini-books

5 Cool Ideas For Turning Instagram Photos Into Gifts


You can use Instagram to make beautiful Polaroid photos, which can be ideal gifts for those who love the retro style. As a matter of fact, they can be ideal for pretty much anyone, since it’s all about digital photos nowadays and you can seldom find someone who has actual prints of their photographs. Therefore, think Polaroid and provide your loved ones with photos that they can actually put in a frame.


Quite similarly, you can make a mini-book of your favourite Instagram photos with your loved ones that can consist of cute, tiny photos or stickers and can include as many photos as you want. It can be a very creative gift that surely no one else would think of, so anyone you give it to would certainly be amazed.

Photomosaic – The Ultimate Portrait

5 Cool Ideas For Turning Instagram Photos Into Gifts

Who doesn’t love a beautiful mosaic? You can make a breathtaking one by using Instagram photos and combining them all into one big photomosaic. If you decide to create such a gift, Postrgram is your way to go. All you need is a minimum of 50 photos, which certainly wouldn’t be a problem, since you and your loved ones must have at least three times that number of photos together, right?


Also, you need to choose the main photo for the photomosaic, so you can choose either a photo of your gift recipient or a photo of the two of you together. Either way, the photomosaic you create will certainly make a stunning gift.


Postrgram is also based in the US, but they also offer worldwide shipping. The photomosaic prices range from $40 to $90, which some may find a bit pricey, but you cannot really put a price tag on a gift for someone you love and deeply care for, isn’t that right?


Nevertheless, if you want to, you can make a photomosaic completely on your own with the help of some of the many online photomosaic tools. You need to upload the photos you want and let the tool do all the hard work. What’s left afterwards is for you to print the end result and give your loved one an amazing gift.


Cushy Pillows, Bags and Mugs

 5 Cool Ideas For Turning Instagram Photos Into Gifts


You can turn Instagram photos into a gorgeous collage that you can imprint pretty much anywhere you want. You can choose some nice and warm pillows or cushions and have Instagram photos printed on them. Those can be great gifts for someone who loves curling up with a book in their favourite armchair, since they can make their endless hours of reading a lot more comfortable.


You can also imprint your Instagram photos on some cool bag, which can be a perfect gift for a friend who loves handmade and personalized bags. Also, you can never go wrong with a nice mug, but when that mug has the best Instagram photos of you and your loved ones printed on it, you can be sure you will hit the bull’s eye.


Fun Phone Cases

5 Cool Ideas For Turning Instagram Photos Into Gifts


There are thousands of different phone cases you can get for your loved ones, but what would be the fun and creativity in that? There may be some particular ones that they have mentioned they would love to have, but how about giving them a custom phone case with your favourite Instagram photos on it? Such a gift will definitely be a lot more valuable to them and they will proudly use it for their precious little gadget.


In order to make your custom phone case more fun, you can also add a creative text on it. Actually, you can add whatever you would like to make it more personalized, so make sure you check out various custom phone case gift ideas and find something that will inspire you to make a perfect gift for those you love.

Final Words

Hopefully, these cool Instagram ideas have shed some light on giving personalized gifts and perhaps you already know what you are going to give your loved ones for the next special occasion. Custom gifts are truly the most valuable ones that you can give to someone, since they show that you love and cherish them, so you can consider making personalized gifts your signature. If you do, you can be sure that you will master the art of gift giving and, more importantly, you will always make your loved ones happy.

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