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5 Best Cell Phone Accessories For Back To School


So you found your favorite cell phone and case, but can you imagine returning to school without being fully loaded with the latest and greatest in cell phone accessories? No way! Here are the latest cell phone accessory trends that you need to know about.


1. Phone Grip and Stand Products


We know you’ve seen these mobile phone accessories before, so what are you waiting for? Get on trend with Phone grips. Reading those emails and texts and watching those videos have never been easier. Just rest the grip in your hand or stand it up on your desk or table while you do some catching up. It’s a nice addition to your already cool phone.


2. Wireless Bluetooth Headset


This wireless Bluetooth headphone is both fashionable and comfortable delivering high quality sound and a great price. Whether walking through campus, the busy streets of the city, or chilling in your happy place for a moment of zen, these headphones won’t disappoint and they are available in four different colors to suit all different styles.  


3. Multi-Functional Wireless Charging Dock


One of the best mobile accessories is a wireless charger. This wireless charging dock is a game changer for all of your mobile devices. You are going to wonder how you ever lived without it. This all in one charger is sleek, sexy and most importantly, multi-functional and will give battery life to iPads, Apple watches and more!


4. Slim Portable Chargers


Don’t stress about cell phones running out of battery life when you are out and about living this thing called life. Keep your cell phones charged with this lightweight, portable powerbank. It even comes in pink. One of 2018’s trendiest colors. It’s just a good idea.


5. Wireless Charging Pad


Charging your phone has never felt so good. Just place your phone on the charging pad, sit back and be amazed. This will not only charge your phone faster than usual, it will also be a reminder that the times are changing and the future is here. Technology is magic.


Congrats on educating yourself on the best mobile device accessories and trends. You get an A+ from us on your back to school prep.

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