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4 Best Apps To Find Black Friday Deals

By Cody from CO January 19, 2018 0 comments

4 Best Apps To Find Black Friday Deals

Every single year, millions of people in the US and in some other countries flock towards stores as retailers offer a variety of discounts on Black Friday. We all love discounts and slashed prices, which is what brings people to all types of stores. But how did it all begin? What is Black Friday?


This is the first day after the Thanksgiving holiday and ever since 1932, this day has been marked as the beginning of the Christmas Shopping Season. Additionally, this whole shopping spirit is fueled by retailers who push the boundaries every year, by opening their stores as early as 3 or 4 am. Some even open their stores on the Thanksgiving Day in the evening.


As there are literally thousands of different types of discounts during the Black Friday, people struggle to find Black Friday deals every year. Luckily, there are different types of smartphone applications that are quite useful for finding the best Black Friday sales.

Black Friday 2016


4 Best Apps To Find Black Friday Deals


This is a very popular application among those who want to spend a successful Black Friday, easily finding the deals they are interested in. This application was created by Dealnews and works by collecting data from a variety of online and local retailers. Once you are in the app, all you have to do is select the stores you are planning to visit, and enjoy all the notifications about the best Black Friday deals.


This app is very popular because it offers precise data as it was specifically created for Black Friday sales. However, it also offers interesting offers during other special days which occur before and after Black Friday, e.g. deals for Cyber Mondays.


4 Best Apps To Find Black Friday Deals


Shopular is an app that many people go for because it offers great functionality. It is perfect for tracking the best Black Friday deals, but it also brings other interesting features to the table. This awesome app gives its user a possibility of looking at a variety of coupons offered by retailers. Additionally, a user can mark off particular coupons and use them in the checkout process. Furthermore, getting cash back deals is also possible via this app, which is what a lot of users find useful during the shopping season. 



4 Best Apps To Find Black Friday Deals



This application brings a completely new aspect to Black Friday deals. Imagine a social network which revolves around the best offers during the Black Friday shopping spree. This is precisely what this application offers, as it is a gateway to millions of community members with a single goal, finding the best deal out there. This is how it works:


App users, that is, community members, share their finds publicly. Making it possible for millions of people to see and go hunt for their best Black Friday deal. Additionally, the application allows its users to monitor deals and how fast they are going to expire. But one feature that is extremely useful is picking and marking the things you are interested in, and whenever someone posts about that item, an instant notification is sent to a person who has shown interest in this particular item.


4 Best Apps To Find Black Friday Deals


This is a very interesting app if you are looking for a way to make some bonus points during the Black Friday deal hunt. This app lets its users collect “kicks” for every time they enter a retailer shop. Additionally, according to the preset interest and the store you are in, it will notify you with variety of deal suggestions that is offered by that particular retailer. This is a great way of making Black Friday hunting a more fun activity with the challenge of collecting as many “kicks” as possible.


The collected “kicks” can be later on used for variety of gift cards in numerous different stores such as Starbucks. This is a great challenge for a lot of people, making this application very popular among Black Friday hunters.


These are some of the best apps for finding top notch Black Friday deals. They are very useful for those who love getting involved in the whole Black Friday craze, especially owing to the fact that finding the best deals is becoming harder every year, as more people are joining the deal hunting adventure.

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