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We found 10 of the best and MOST ADDICTING smartphone games that even your 90 year old grandma can play.

Let's face it, we all spend some time and maybe too much time trying to beat our latest highest score on 1010! or that horribly impossible level on Candy Crush. But sometimes we need a change, new challenge or fresh new levels to beat. What if we told you we found 10 of the latest and GREATEST smartphone games that you're missing out on?



Available for iOS & Android 

Are you a word search expert? Then you’ll love a good game of WordBubbles! Swipe across, up, down, and diagonally to connect each letter bubble and build specific hidden words. Certainly a mindless game until you get to level 100+ (like the example above). As you move up in the game to harder levels you'll find that the puzzles and words get bigger and bigger! Since this game involves your mind, you can cough it up as a win win for wasting time and keep your brain in tip top shape.


Big Bad Sudoku Book

Available for iOS & Android

If you are up for a real challenge, Big Bad Sudoku Book is the game you need in your life. Born on the idea of driving you to insanity in a good way, you'll find yourself not willing to turn off your phone until the puzzle you started is finished. And unlike most other sudoku games in the app store that don't allow you to enter wrong numbers, Big Bad Sudoku Book let's you make all the mistakes you can. There puzzle-like scoring brings an arcade game feel to sudoku and provides a metric for challenges.


Tiny Wings

Available for iOS ($0.99)

Similar to the original favorite, Angry Birds, Tiny Wings challenges your thumb's ability to move fast. The goal is to use the hills as jumps - slide down, flap your wings and fly (that is without letting gravity get ahold of you). We love this game because not only is it fun to play without getting angry but the artwork in the game is beautiful and makes you feel like you've entered the world that a gaming Pablo Picasso would have played in.


Doodle Jump

Available for iOS & Android  

BEWARE - This just might be one of the most addicting smartphone games - Consider yourself warned! There is something to be said about not letting your little doodle down, you can't let him fall. The goal of Doodle Jump is to get that little guy as far up as possible, bouncing from one platform to the next. Small gentle movements guide him up, up and away. Becareful though, you'll want to avoid black holes, and blasting baddies along the way. Now if you get really good, you can laugh with delight as Doodle™ blows past other players' actual score markers scribbled in the margins.



Available for iOS & Android

This one is for all the puzzle lovers out there. If you are anything like me, playing a math-like puzzle game makes you feel a little less guilty about wasting your life away on your phone, hah! Threes! is a tiny puzzle that grows on you, using your mind and math to add tiles together while not filing up all the spaces on the puzzle. A super similar game to 2048. 


Trivia Crack

Available for iOS & Android 

Are your a trivia or Jeopardy junkie? If so, this is the smartphone game for you. Challenge your favorite friends and even enemies to an intense game of trivia. The game offers over 4 categories of trivia to choose from. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch! And if you are into the bragging rights thing, you'll be sure to get competitive and not let your friends live down that you won.



Available for iOS & Android

I'm sure you remember playing connect the dots as a kid? A more mindless option to kill time. With a timed option or a relaxed unlimited option, you may find yourself connecting the dots for hours on end. A favorite of many as they sit and wait in the doctors office, waiting room, parking lot - basically anywhere that you need to kill time and don't have good wifi or cellphone service.


Cut The Rope

Available for iOS & Android

If you’re looking for an amazingly addicting puzzle game, Cut the Rope 2 is waiting for you. Following the successful launch of the first version, this version follows the same premise: you’re in charge of feeding candy to a green critter that goes by the name Om Nom. The game has a fun and inviting feel but that shouldn’t turn you off if you’re looking for a challenge. As you progress through the levels, the game quickly gets difficult and will really put your creative mind to the test.



Available for iOS & Android

Another winner in the puzzle realm, 1010! Is an addictive brain teaser game that is simple to learn but challenging to master. It’s the perfect game to play for short periods of time or longer if you’re looking to kill some time. Gameplay is easier explained while playing but the premise is connecting puzzle blocks with the goal of destroying full vertical and horizontal lines. Trust us on this one; you want to check this game out!


Fruit Ninja

Available for iOS & Android

Now here's a not so new smartphone game that we are all mostly familiar with and a great one to pass time. Fruit Ninja just might be one of the simplest games around - all you have to do is slice the fruit and not the bombs. Mid-game you'll notice yourself finding enjoyment watching the fruit splatter on the wall. In our opinions, there has never been a better time to play Fruit Ninja, so unsheathe your sword and get ready for an addictive, action-packed gaming experience!


Let us know in the comments below, which game you'll be playing to pass time!

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