You've got to love it when a big research firm spends loads of cash to come up with a statistical study on information that was painfully obvious to begin with. About a month ago Pew Research released a study stating, in a nutshell, that rich people were more likely to own an iPad than poor people. Shocking as it may seem that people living just above the poverty line don't have an extra $700 lying around to purchase an iPad what is even more shocking is that someone got paid to conduct that research study. Not to be outdone, Nielsen (the TV ratings people) have just released a study that says that young people are more likely to own a smartphone than old people. I suppose carriers and advertisers like to know this information for absolutely certain. It makes some sense. But considering my Uncle still can't figure out how to hook his television into his stereo leads me to the not so surprising discover that he isn't currently rocking an iPhone 4. He still can't figure out how to read a text message on his phone let alone send one, so I doubt he's looking to find a phone that can update his facebook status (Yes, he actually is on facebook). I am actually curious as to what they will come up with next. Perhaps a study to figure out that females aged 13-24 are more likely to own a Hello Kitty faceplate than males aged 35-50. I really hope that study would turn towards the obvious. The only piece of information that was somewhat revealing was that the US is the only country where females are more likely to own a smartphone than males.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium