Word on the street is that some computer software company based in Northern California is trying to get into the cell phone business.  They’re called Micro-something.  I doubt they’ll last, but bless their hearts, they have somehow managed to announce 10 new handsets from four manufacturers that will be available in more than 30 countries before the end of the year.  In what is an already a crowded marketplace, Microsoft is re-entering the fray with what is now the 5th operating system, that already includes Apple’s OS, Android, RIM’s Blackberry OS, and Nokia’s Symbian 3. If three’s company and four’s a crowd, five must be a raging keg party.  At least I think that’s how the phrase goes in Korea.  LG and Samsung are responsible for 4 of the new devices.   Dell is also putting out a phone called the Venue Pro headed to T-Mobile.  But the real player in the Windows 7 launch is HTC, which will be putting out 5 Windows 7 Phone devices. HTC was a major player in the original Windows cell phone OS but dropped the nerd in the brown suit as soon as Android started to become chic.  Now the Taiwanese company is splitting its efforts evenly between Android and Windows in a “wait and see” approach.  From the various screen shots that have emerged, the Windows 7 Phone interface is kind of cold and lifeless, so it will take some serious HTC accessories to spruce these phones up. Which begs the question; what niche is Windows 7 Phone going to attack?  Blackberry has long been considered the business phone.  Android phones and Apple’s iPhone are considered social media dynamos.  Windows seems to be positioning themselves somewhere in the middle, and is even promoting themselves in their ads as the phone to save you from your phone.  I guess the message is that the Windows 7 cell phone covers all your personal and business needs efficiently so you can get on with your life.  But with so many people burying their faces in their phone, will the message ever be heard?

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium