Have you ever been in the middle of a great workout or on that final mile and feel the need to change the song on Pandora or adjust the volume? It sometimes seems like pulling teeth to either pull your iPod off your arm or take it out of your pocket just to make a minor adjustment. Never again do you have to worry about that if you have an iPod or an iPhone. Timex has just announced the new Iron Man iControl. This watch features a 50 lap memory recall chronograph, Indiglo back lighting, many choices of alarms and timers. Sounds like your standard fitness or sports enthusiasts' watch right? Why do they call it an iControl? This watch can control your standard music controls for an iPod or an iPhone (airplane mode). Listening to music is made even easier now that the volume can be adjusted up or down, Play, Pause, and Track Forward/Reverse. This is accomplished just by attaching a receiver device to your Apple product's charger port. This watch is made available in many colors and retails for only $125.00. Apple seems to be doing a great job of thinking outside the box. This fruit company doesn't limit their products to their basic function but seems to somehow incorporate features that seem not need but yet handy. This has far stretched beyond a designer faceplates or cell phone leather cases. Apple has made a staple accessory to man its own accessory.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium