For all the Ahab-centric Apple enthusiasts that have been anxiously searching for their white whale (AKA the White iPhone 4) your search will come to an end on Wednesday. Hopefully the white iPhone 4 won't kill you like Moby Dick killed Captain Ahab. According to leaked documents from the Best Buy inventory system the phone is finally coming after months and months of delays. This is good news for Apple, as the release of the iPhone 5 has likely been pushed back to September rather than the usual June release date. This should give Apple a "new" product to lean on for a few extra months. The delays have been attributed to manufacturing difficulties. Apple co-Founder Steve Wozniak shed a little more light on the subject, suggesting that the white paint allowed too much light in when taking a picture, creating poor photo quality. That didn't stop one industrious high school student in New York City from ordering white iPhone 4 parts from Foxconn in China and selling them as iPhone conversion kits. He made an insane amount of money before Apple's lawyers threatened a lawsuit if he didn't take down the site. Given the recent supply shortages of Apple products, it would be surprising to see very many of these elusive white iPhones in stockrooms. Inevitably that means some lines will be forming in front of retail stores around the country. And as soon as folks pick up that white iPhone, the first thing they'll do is slap an iPhone case on it, making it impossible for anyone other than them to tell that they have a white iPhone 4.