Last week rumors started spreading about the white iPhone 4 finally arriving. Now the Moby Dick of cell phones is popping up in AT&T's inventory system lending quite a bit of credence to the rumors. Whether or not this actually compels anyone to sign a new contract with AT&T rather than jump ship to Verizon remains in question.

But just in case you decide to sign up for AT&T's service and then immediately regret that decision and wish you were a Verizon customer, Verizon has some good news. You will be able to trade in your AT&T iPhone for cold hard cash that can be used towards purchasing a Verizon iPhone 4. A 16 GB iPhone 4 is worth $212, which might actually cover your early termination fee with AT&T depending on how far into your contract you are.

It doesn't seem as though Verizon will be getting the white iPhone 4. Big Red's customers will have to make due with a white iPhone 4 decal skin and hope that their friends don't notice the difference. We won't tell.

The iPhone 4 officially goes on preorder for Verizon on Feb. 3rd, and hits shelves a week later on the 10th. Verizon is blaming their lower than projected sales figures from Q4 2010 on the anticipated arrival of the iPhone 4. If that analysis is true, expect sales of the iPhone 4 to explode, regardless of what color the phone is.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium