If you are anything like me, listening to music during the day is a huge part of getting through the work day with sanity intact. If you happen to work at a place that is cool with you listening to music but has a relatively extensive list of blocked websites on your work computer, your phone is really your only option. There are several apps that you can choose from. But for streaming music, Pandora and Slacker are the two apps that are the most popular. But which one is better? I personally use both extensively, and will try and give a completely unbiased side by side comparison so you can decide which is best for you. What does it cost? The good news is both have a free option. Pandora Free - Create an unlimited number of stations - Plays advertisements - Limit to 6 skips per station per hour - Can choose songs as "favorites" - Can "ban" songs from being played again on that station - Limited to 40 hours of free listening per month. Slacker Free - Create an unlimited number of stations - Unlimited hours of free listening per month - Plays advertisements - Limit to 6 skips per station(skips reload as you listen to songs) - Can "ban" songs from being played again on that station Can choose songs as "favorites" For $3/Mo. you can upgrade to Pandora One. What this gets you is - Unlimited Listening - No Advertisements - No Daily Skip limit (hourly limits still apply) Slacker has two upgrade options; Slacker Plus ($4.99/mo) and Slacker Premium ($9.99/mo) Slacker Plus - No advertisements - Stores Stations on memory card requiring no data connection to play stations - Unlimited Song Skips Slacker Premium - Listen to songs/albums on demand - Create custom playlists EDGE: SLACKER Functionality Pandora's algorithm seems a bit more refined in a number of ways. Most notably their ability to really dial in when looking for related artists. It has a much better success rate when delineating between different subsets of the same genre of music. For example, if you type in Common, Pandora is much more likely to find other Hip Hop artists similar to Common, where as Slacker tends to just throw together a hodge podge of hip hop artists. It takes a lot more customization on the part of the user to get as refined of a listening experience on Slacker. EDGE: PANDORA Customization Where Slacker lags behind in refinement, they more than make up for in customization. Slacker allows you to determine the frequency with which your favorite songs play, if you want it to find new music or if you prefer more top 40 familiar artists. While Pandora allows for you to choose favorite songs, they seem to not make their way onto your stations as often as they do on Slacker. EDGE: SLACKER I personally find myself using Pandora more as a music discovery engine, as they seem to sprinkle in smaller more unknown artists into the mix than Slacker. This is especially true when it comes to Hip Hop. But once I've found these new artists, I simply add them to existing stations on my Slacker account and use that app as my main music listening app. Feel free to leave us your thoughts and comments. And if there is an internet radio app out there that deserves some attention, feel free to let us know about that too.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium