When I think of France I picture a bunch of guys wearing 'Where's Waldo' like shirts with cigarettes on long sticks. I've never been to France, but I'm assuming that this is an accurate portrayal. If you are riding in the subway in Paris, and see Waldo heading your way, put your phone away. Cell phone theft on Paris subways has skyrocketed, especially that of the iPhone, thanks to the black market where a high end smartphone can fetch upwards of $400. If you have a bottle opening iPhone case on your phone that price can jump to $410. Thieves are essentially looking for passengers with their noses buried in their phones, snatching them out of the hands and then making a run for it. While that is a fairly unsophisticated crime, it is surprisingly evil genius when compared to the efforts of an iPhone thief in Idaho. The skinny goes something like this. A man buys a cell phone at his local Walmart. Not even able to wait until he gets home, he pulls his phone out of the box and starts playing with it on the way to his car. With his nose buried in his new toy, he doesn't even see the mugger approaching him, who steals his phone and runs off. The victim calls the police, who decide to call the phone to see if the thief will answer. And he does. Not only does the thief answer the phone, but when police say they want to buy the phone from him, he negotiates a price with them. Honestly, who does this guy think is calling the phone he just stole? Anyway, when the thief shows up to make the exchange, he realizes it's a sting, and makes a break for it. He makes it all of 15 feet before tripping and landing face first on the pavement. To the police department in Nampa, ID: I know that there has to be a video of this somewhere. Please please please please post it on Youtube. It really is an injustice to the world that you keep this to yourselves to laugh at back at the station.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium