Beware—iPhone consumers have spent more than six billion dollars on damaged iPhones since their release, according to SquareTrade research. Just imagine the dollar spent on all damaged smartphones as that large number was only for iPhones. Smartphones have become an increasingly important part in our lives, as it holds all of our contacts, emails, music, photos and much more.  Your smartphone also stores a lot of your personal information if you have shopped on your phone with credit cards or have used a GPS navigation that led to your house. With all of the great things that your phone does for you on an everyday basis and all of the money that you invested in it, it is a shame if you break it or lose it when there were simple ways to avoid the situation. Here are five of the most common ways that people damage their smartphones. Read on and find out what to avoid doing with your smartphone that will keep you away from becoming part of the high statistic of damaged smartphones in America.   5 things to avoid doing with your smartphone 1. Do not overcharge the battery

 iPhone charge

One of the most common complaints about smartphones over a period of time has to involve their battery life. With average to heavy usage, many people find that their smartphones don’t last them the entire day without it dying on them. A major reason as to why many people find their battery life drain at an accelerated rate is that they overcharge their phone. The biggest tip towards conserving your phone’s battery life is to not leave it plugged into the charger when it reaches full capacity. Leaving your phone to charge passed its maximum capacity only decreases the battery usage time for your phone. So if you’re the type of person who leaves your phone plugged in the charger over night, we advise to put an end to that habit. 2. Do not keep your cell phones in pockets Phone in toiletAs this is such a common thing for people to do, leaving cell phones in your pocket can lead to some of the most common damages to your beloved phone. These common damages that we’re referring to are cracked screens and water damage. How do you think so many people have damaged their phones from water damage from accidentally dropping it in the toilet? This happens because people forget that their phone is stored in their pocket when they enter the bathroom and the phone slips out of their pocket and into the toilet. Also, avoiding putting your phone in your back pocket can also prevent potential cracked screens. You may accidentally forget that your phone is there when you take a seat and then your phone is at risk of damage. 3. Keep away from car cup holders phone in car cup holder Where do you store your smartphone while you’re driving? For many people, the answer to his question would be in the cup holder of your car. If you’re one of these people, then we are giving you a fair warning that this can cause water damage to your smartphone. This is due to the condensation left over from previous drinks that were there. Although the water may not be visible to the eye, the condensation can be a definite cause of water damage for your phone. Try to break this habit and you’ll be preventing one of the most common damages to your phone.     4. Don’t run it through the washing machine

phone in washing machine

You may think that it’s common sense to not put your phone in the washing machine with your dirty clothes, but this is a common accident that happens to many smartphones. Whether you’re in a rush or just forget that your phone was left in your back pocket, double checking that your phone is out of harm’s way to prevent you from becoming the five percent of smartphone users who have damaged their smartphones from washing machine abuse. 5. Get a protective case 

Protective phone case

Investing money into a protective case for your smartphone can go a long way. Although many users protect their phones with cases, many fail to realize that most cases don’t fully protect the front screens. As cracked phones have become common accidents for smartphones from the slightest falls, this can be avoided by investing in a protective case, or cases that are designed to protect the front screens of phones. This is one of the simplest tasks that you can do to avoid phone damage and paying that extra money to fix a cracked screen on your phone.  

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium