- The dock connectors will reportedly be the same size as a micro-USB port and the new iPad Mini will also sport the same downsized connector.

- The iPhone 5 will be equipped with 4G LTE capabilities. This seems likely considering the new iPad is equipped with this and it will be a very welcomed update since the 4S only sports the 3G technology, HSPA+.

- It will debut at the same price as the iPhone 4S last year, in the $199-399 range.

- Early photographs indicate that there is room near the front-facing camera for an NFC chip.

- The much-anticipated iO6 update will be extended to all Apple products, but word on the street is that there will be some special features reserved exclusively for the iPhone 5.

What’s in a Name: First thing’s first, the new Apple iPhone will most likely be called the iPhone 5. There were initial rumors that Apple’s newest iPhone would follow in the path of the latest iPad and simply be called the new iPhone. Well, that probably would not have worked in Apple’s favor considering there was a quite a bit of confusion on how to compare the re-launched iPad to its predecessors. Luckily, it’s looking like the soon-to-be released smartphone will be named the iPhone 5. Apple recently won a dispute regarding the ownership of the iPhone5.com domain name which pretty much sets in stone that that’s what the new phone will be called. The site was previously used as a forum for iPhone-related discussions.

Save the Date: Tech geeks around the world will only have to wait just a little while longer, as it’s safe to assume that the iPhone 5 wil launch at a special event on September 12. Rumors about the release date have been around for almost a year, but it is fully expected that this is the real deal. Just in time for early Christmas shopping, the phone is expected to hit shelves nine days later.

Think Thin: It’s no secret that Steve Jobs had a pension for redesigning Apple products into slimmer and sleeker models than their predecessors. The iPhone 5 is projected to be 7.9mm thick, as opposed to the iPhone 4S’s 9.3mm. Compare that with the Motorola Droid RAZR, which was advertised as an “impossibly thin” phone at 7.1mm. How are the peeps at Apple accomplishing this? It seems that the new model will integrate the touch sensor directly into the screen as opposed to a whole separate layer.

The SIM: Projections for the redesigned iPhone 5 include a much narrower SIM card tray. So what does that mean to you? Simple: A smaller SIM card could make room for a larger battery which will (hopefully) resolve the battery life issues that many users have with the 4S.

Siri-ously: One of the more exciting features of the 4S was that that it boasted a built-in personal assistant. Too bad Siri fails 1/3 of the time and hates Scottish accents. While some users have turned lemons into lemonade and poked fun at Siri's epic inability to get things right, Apple users have been calling for an upgrade to the Siri system. This is why most experts are expecting an improvement to Siri in order for the iPhone 5 to be truly competitive on the market.

Bigger is Better: With smartphones getting bigger and bigger, it’s no surprise that the iPhone 5 is set to increase its screen real estate. The new model is projected to stand at 640 X 1136 which means increased room for more apps on each screen—mock-ups have shown six rows of apps vs the traditional 5.

Count iPhone: This rumor has caused the most frenzy amongst prospective buyers. The iPhone 5 is said to have a 9-pin dock connector vs. the 30-pin connector of current Apple products. This means that users will have to purchase all-new accessories should they decide to upgrade to the new phone model.

Headcase: Recent pictures that have emerged show that the earphone jack has moved from the upper left corner of the phone to the bottom left. Not much has been said about the reason behind this design change. Honestly, I’m just curious to see if users will still try to stubbornly jam their headphones in at the top of the phone.

Face Lift: Apple has allegedly moved the FaceTime camera from its current position at the left of the earpiece to above the earpiece itself. It might seem like an extremely minor change, but experts weigh in that aside from aesthetic value, moving the camera frees up more space within the phone itself.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium