Winter is winding down, but there are still plenty of areas of the country that are bitterly cold. And if you spend your Spring and Summers in the southern hemisphere, then this is the update for you. It has to do with touch screens, gloves, and how to turn any pair of gloves into a touch screen friendly pair of gloves. We know this update is a little bit past due, but we just came across this trick and thought we'd share. First off, for those that don't know, wearing a pair of gloves more or less makes your touch screen useless. So for people living in colder climates, they are often faced with the tough decision between frostbite or tweeting about how cold they are waiting for the bus. It's tragic. But Lifehacker has been kind enough to share a little secret with us. Just put a little CPU thermal compound on the fingers of any pair of gloves and they work like a charm. CPU thermal compound can be found in just about any computer or electronics store, and it's pretty cheap too – about $7 a tube. So long as you have a screen protector on your phone there is no need to worry about scratching up your display. So avoid finger amputation from frostbite people. It's cheap and easy to do.