I think by now most people have heard the story of the woman who was thrown off of an Amtrak train for refusing to get off of her cell phone in a quiet car where other passengers were trying to sleep. The woman apparently was on the phone for 16 straight hours, which seems impossible unless someone was narrating the entire Harry Potter series of movies to her over the phone. That being said, cell phone etiquette has more or less gone out the window. And it isn't just teenagers that are to blame either. Here is a video of the White House press secretary taking away a journalists cell phone because it went off in the middle of a press conference. Here is a list of the top 5 places to keep your phone on silent and in your pocket. 5 – In line at the grocery store: I'll admit that I've used my phone while roaming the aisles to check with my girlfriend or roommate on the milk status or if we are fully stocked up on chips and salsa. But once you get to that checkout line, there's no turning back. The people in line don't need to hear your phone conversation, and despite what you think, you are actually slowing things down. Unless your wife/girlfriend is going into labor, there is no conversation important enough that can't wait a few minutes. 4 – At the movies: Neither myself, or the dozens of other people in the theater paid $15-$20 on tickets and snacks to listen to you talk about how hot Brad Pitt looks in this movie ladies. And guys, your friends don't need a play by play of all the jokes bantered back and forth in the Hangover 2. Texting isn't any better. The light from the LED display IS distracting. And the clickity clackity of those slide out keyboards are equally annoying. If you don't have an attention span that last longer than 90 minutes, wait until the movie comes out on DVD and watch it at home. 3 – Church: This one really shouldn't even have to be brought up, but unfortunately it does. This more goes for parents who think letting their children play with their iPhone to keep them quiet is a great alternative to actually parenting. I realize that raising kids is an extremely difficult job. But if there is any place more appropriate to put the fear of God into your children regarding punishment for acting up, church is the place. So unless Jesus himself is calling or texting you, leave the phone in the car. 2 – On a First Date: Far be it from me to post as a relationship expert, but if the person sitting across the table from you isn't interesting enough to deserve your undivided attention, then a second date probably isn't in the cards for you. And if the person is that interesting, and you want a second date, picking up your phone to send a text or answer a call sure will send the wrong message. 1 – While Driving: We've all done it before. But aside from the fact that States are cracking down and handing out some hefty tickets and fines, it's also dangerous. Studies have been done that suggest texting while driving is just as impairing as drinking and driving. There are Bluetooth devices out there that not only allow you to make calls hands free, but offer speech to text technology. Be safe people, and be courteous to those around you.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium