Capturing all of your favorite memories with your iPhone has never been so easy with the hundreds of apps available in the Apple App Store. While the built-in camera on the iPhone is sufficient for taking photos, it is limited on what you can do to your photos. Why not give more life and enhance your albums with the help from camera apps to create high quality images on your phone with filter options and effects to share with your friends and family. Start taking advantage of the endless possibilities that your App Store offers with the best camera apps for your iPhone.   1. Instagram If you haven’t joined this photo editing social network app then you are surely missing out.  Besides capturing the popularity worldwide with sharing images with friends, this app is one of the best when it comes to finding the perfect filter to edit your photos with. With over fifteen filter and border options to give your photos that extra spark, Instagram also has blur effects, and is completely free!   2. Camera+ Camera+ is the ultimate photo app for capturing those great memories wherever you are. With touch exposure and focus, photo flashlight, shooting modes, grid options and editing effects, Camera+ will create the memories on your iPhone that will last forever for just $0.99.     3. Camera Awesome The name of the app says it all, it’s awesome! If you want professional-like results for your photos, then this app is the perfect match for you.  Equipped with the “Awesomize” tap button, this app works magic with your photos by creating better and sharper pictures with gorgeous effects. What more can you ask from a free app?       4. Pic Stitch Not only can you enhance your photos with Pic Stitch’s multiple filter options, but you can combine multiple photos into one picture.  With over 200 different layouts to choose from, putting your precious memories into one picture seems limitless! Share your photos with all your friends and family for free with Pic Stitch.       5. Pixlr-o-matic   Edit your picture to any mood you want with over two million combinations of effects with Pixlr-o-matic.  Yes you read correctly, 2 million combinations of borders, overlays and mood effect enhancers. This is another great app to add to your collection free of charge that will allow you to pick a photo style that completely fits you.       6. True HDR Capture all of your Kodak moments with True HDR.  It is the iPhone’s best camera app that produces beautiful full resolution high dynamic range photos with full control over brightness, contrast and saturation of images.  Not only does this app let you make magnificent photos, it also lets you have fun with picking different filters.     7. Colorsplash Here’s an app that is unique from all of the others listed so far, giving your photos a more dramatic look with striking detailed colors.  This is done by the cool option of setting the background of your image to black and white or sepia, while keeping your main image in the picture colored.  For $1.99, you’ll have photos where all of your friends and family will ask how you did such an amazing edit!       8. Hipstamatic Bring back that vintage, old-school photo look with the Hispstamatic app.  With the options to swap lenses, flashes and films, this app really makes you feel like your iPhone has turned into a vintage camera that creates hundreds of different effects. Get that Polaroid look for your images for $1.99 at the App Store with Hipstamatic.   9. Incredibooth No longer will you have to make a trip to the carnival to take those fun film strip photos with your friends when you have Incredibooth on your iPhone. With the same great filter features as Hipstamatic, capture all the crazy moments with your friends wherever you are! Incredibooth is a photo booth in your pocket for less than a dollar!       10. Snapseed Go to your App Store right now and get this formerly $4.99 app for free right now! For being that price just months ago, you have to think that this app creates nothing but the best quality photos. Enhance your photos with Tune Image, choose from awesome filters and share with your friends at your fingertips with Snapseed.   11. 360 Panorama This app makes panorama picture taking easy as ever with quick, seamless stitching of your total surroundings. It is designed to take full advantage of your device by tapping into the raw power of your iPhone to stitch panoramas in realtime. It’s free, fun and feels like magic as 360 Panorama captures photos in ways that you could never do with a traditional camera.   12. Split Pic     If it ever crossed your mind on how awesome you think you are and wanted to make clones of yourself, then Split Pic is perfect for you. With features of split screen effect, this app allows you to use a cloning effect, where the main subject of your photo can pose in different forms all in one image. You can capture a series of photos to tell a complete story in one photo, melt multiple faces together, swap body parts and much more with this creative free app.         13. Color Effects If you liked the idea of Colorsplash app listed earlier, then you would love this app because it’s free of charge and has the same concept. With Color Effects, you can change the colors of anything on your photo and gray out whatever parts of your image that you want!   14. Picture Effect Magic     This is one of those fun apps to add to your collection where you can find effects to add to your picture that the rest of these apps didn’t have. Some featured effects on Picture Effect Magic include Swirl effect, SuperMirror, Wave effect, Diffuse effect and Oilpainting.  It’s fun, easy and best of all—free!       15. Photo Collage   One of the best apps to combine multiple photos in one is Photo Collage. Free of charge for a limited time, it has over 120 types of frames, border colors and patterns to choose from. You can even add text or sticker options to your photo collage to share with friends and family with this app!

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium