Who doesn’t enjoy chatting with friends or family online? Domestically or internationally, people are always trying to connect with each other in different ways. Video chatting is a phenomenon that definitely brings the experience of communication to life. Here are five of my personal favorite video chatting programs in today’s world.


Compatible on PCs and Macs

Photo Credit: Skype

This is one of the most widely-known programs used today. With its phone call services (free and paid), free international video calls, and partnership with Facebook for even faster video calls, it’s definitely taking the webcamming world by storm! Skype is one of my favorites for one-on-one video chatting. The only downsides are if you want to group chat, one member has to have Skype Premium. Also, since the video quality is based on your current Wi-Fi area, so it sometimes lags if you don’t have much service.


Compatible on PCs and Macs

Photo Credit: Flickr

OoVoo is a great option for those who don’t want to download an entire program—all you have to do is send a web link to start a session! Up to six users can be added to a video conference, and via Facebook you can even have a “mulit-video hangout” with 25 people. It also conveniently has a paid phone call service for international calls. Video quality is good overall, but heavily dependent on Wi-Fi (even more than Skype). If you are in an area with low connection, don’t expect to have a smooth video conference.

Google Talk

Compatible with PCs and Macs


Photo Credit: Google

Google Chat is another solid program that doesn’t require a download, as long as you have a Google account you are good to go. Although if you don’t use Google (or none of your friends do), this may not be a good option for webcamming. It has clear video and audio, but lacks various features other programs have, like being supported on Facebook. On the other hand, what’s nice is it can have up to nine people in group chat, which is a plus for me.


Compatible with Macs Only

Photo Credit: Apple

This is the main video chatting platform for Mac users, since it is already pre-installed onto the computers upon purchase. As a personal user of ichat, I feel it definitely has a smooth interface, and the video and audio quality is excellent. It supports up to four participants in a group chat.


Compatible with PCs and Macs

Photo Credit: Tomuse

In comparison to other programs, Tinychat is solely on the web and requires no downloads. What’s nice is that it supports a large number of participants (up to 12 video feeds at once), making it one of my personal favorites when it comes to group chats. They also have topic-based rooms for instant messaging which differs from other chat rooms available on the Internet. Unfortunately, the video quality is not very clear, and the audio is low. No signups required, making it hassle-free!

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium