When Irma Thomas sang that soulful ballad “Time is on My side” she clearly wasn’t referring to HTC.  The up and coming player in the cell phone hand set wars is getting set to release a Windows Phone 7, however HTC’s top dog, Peter Chou, has said there simply isn’t enough time to load HTC Sense onto the new handsets. Considering the popularity of HTC’s user interface has been, it comes as a bit of a surprise that their first Windows Phone 7 won’t have it.  Chou did say that they would develop a Windows Phone 7 interface “over time,” but that still will leave a lot of potential customers begging. Still, the new HTC covers everything you could possibly want a Smartphone to do.  Unfortunately, based on the photos that have been leaked, it isn’t going to look at that different from several other phones already on the market.  But that isn’t anything that a few well placed cell phone accessories can’t fix. Just how long it takes for HTC to develop a Sense like user interface for Windows Phone 7 remains to be seen.  One can’t help but get a feeling that HTC rushed this one out of the factory a bit too quickly, but until anybody actually get a chance to test drive one of these babies, we won’t know for sure.  It’s just too bad that HTC can’t pull a Huey Lewis and “Go Back in Time” to put everything into this new phone that its customers have come to expect.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium