The iPad 2 is a phenomenal device. There's no need to pretend otherwise. However, if there was a shortcoming, it is that it is nearly impossible to type on the touch screen keyboard with anything that even approaches speed or efficiency. Several Bluetooth keyboards have come out, but those are only a marginal step up. For individuals who actually care about being efficient while performing business or educational tasks rather than just being the "cool" guy with the iPad, Logitech has come up with a solution. It is an iPad 2 case with a built in keyboard, which is nothing special. However, this keyboard looks and feels like a regular laptop keyboard. And the iPad can mount on the case in landscape or portrait mode, making it feel like an actual laptop. When push comes to shove, this is definitely the most practical keyboard case we've seen, and the cold metal industrial look when the device is secured in the case is pretty nice looking too.