Attention everyone with lead feet. This is for you. We have not been to shy about promoting Bluetooth headsets as a means to avoid costly fines and tickets while driving. Well, there is a new cell phone accessory that can help cut down on the money you send to your local municipality's court system. You can begin rejoicing……now. Cobra has come out with the iRadar. It's another in a long line of iPhone accessories designed t stick it to the man. The device pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth and serves as a radar detector to avoid speed traps. Not only will it scope out radar wielding cops, it also can tell you where red light cameras are to avoid running a red light tickets, and a cloaking device so you can illegally park in red zones without anyone being able to see your car. That last one might not be true. The device runs through a free app that you can download to the iPhone. Android users, fret not. An application for the Android Market is coming soon too. For around $129 on Amazon we will soon all be able to drive around like maniacs without fear of consequences - except for Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 users that is. But those guys deserve to get tickets right?

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium