Have you ever been playing Angry Birds in the middle of your Quantum Physics 101 lecture when your cell phone battery died, forcing you to actually listen to what your professor was saying? Who hasn't really? Thankfully there are teams of engineers and scientists out there working around the clock on coming up with ways to combat this sort of tragic scenario through various cell phone accessories. And lo, we may have found a couple of breakthroughs. Thanks the wonderful people at PhoneSuit, and their Primo Power Core, there is pretty much zero excuse to ever run out of power on your phone again. That is unless you're stranded in the desert for multiple days, at which point the ability to update your Facebook status from your phone just becomes redundant anyway. For individuals not trapped in a Man vs. Wild scenario, the Primo Power Core can charge an iPhone, iPad, iPod, a slew of Android phones, Blackberries and even netbooks. Basically anything that uses a USB port to charge will work with this bad boy. It's extremely portable too. The dimensions put it at roughly the same size as your typical smartphone. For Apple users that don't like the idea of their iPhone co-mingling with Androids and Canadians we have something for you too. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus is an iPhone case with an attached battery pack. Mophie claims that this case will double the battery life of your phone. Both devices will run you about $100.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium