There really is an app for everything. But one of the coolest apps has to be the 'Find My Phone' app. In the event that you misplace your phone, you can track it via GPS to pinpoint its location and retrieve it. In the days preceding GPS, my phone once fell out of my pocket in a cab. When I realized the phone was missing, I called it, and thankfully the guy who got in the cab after me found it and actually answered it. He was staying in town on a business trip, left my phone at the concierge desk at his hotel and I was phoneless for less than 12 hours in total. That's my coolest, 'I lost my phone and then this happened' story. And it sucks compared to this. You see, this isn't a story about how a guy lost his phone in a cab and used a cell phone app to find it. No, this is a story about a man whose car was stolen with his phone inside and he used GPS tracking to lead the cops on a high speed chase. The scene went down on Christmas day in Texas. A guy had his car stolen from a hotel. He called the local police and they gave him the runaround. So he jumped on his laptop and tracked his iPhone using 'Find My Phone'. When the car stopped, he called the local police in that city, and they found the car at a Sonic fast food restaurant. As the officer is arresting the perps, one of them somehow managed to fight off the cop, get in the stolen car and run over the cop. Back to the GPS tracker, and now the highway patrol is involved, leading to a high speed chase that resulted in the stolen car being flipped, and the iPhone returned to its rightful owner. While that is a story of an iPhone preventing a crime, this is a story about how an iPhone really isn't the best choice for committing a crime. This story also takes place on Christmas, this time in Connecticut. A man tried to rob an Indian restaurant, but lacking a gun, he tried to pretend that his iPhone was a gun. The kitchen staff wasn't buying it though. I'm guessing because his 'gun' started to ring and he was stupid enough to answer it. Regardless, the kitchen staff grabbed a bunch of knives attacked the would be thief and then called the cops. Perhaps one day if they come up with an iPhone case with a switchblade attachment, this plan could work. But as it stands right now, the iPhone bandit will be spending the next couple of Christmases in jail.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium