These days, the only phones we are exposed to through mainstream media outlets are the super fast, incredibly capable smartphones of the future. Its sometimes hard to remember that smartphones still make up far less than 50% of the total number of smartphones in circulation here in the US. That number is growing each and every quarter, and in a recent speaking engagement, Sprint VP of product development Farid Adib, suggested that the number is growing at a much faster clip on his network. Hess claims that more than half of all Sprint phones being sold are smartphones. Of that figure, 70% are running Android. The other 30% are running Blackberry. Sprint has yet to be able to cash in on the Apple craze due to their exclusivity with AT&T, and more recently Verizon. However, if rumors prove to be true, that will all change by the end of the year. It is sounding more and more likely that Apple will be releasing a phone dubbed the iPhone 4S, which will be a quad band phone with both a GSM and CDMA radio. In layman's terms, this phone will work on all four networks and will likely be released as such. That would be welcome news for Sprint, as they already are dwarfed by AT&T and Verizon. Should the AT&T merger with T-Mobile manage to navigate its way through federal approval, Sprint would be just one of three national carriers, and would be a distant third at that. Without an iPhone to compete, they most likely would be doomed. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has suggested as much himself in pleas to the FCC and US Government to block the merger. But that is still close to a year away from happening. Before then, Sprint could land Apple's groundbreaking device, which would probably push those smartphone sales well north of 50%.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium