I'm not an outdoorsy person. I can't even remember the last time I went camping. But there are plenty of people out there reading this that are cut from the 'Survivorman' mold. But just in case being dropped from a helicopter into the middle of the Amazon jungle with nothing but a toothpick and shoelace is too extreme for you Ralph Lauren has come up with a happy medium. What you see below is a solar powered backback that can act as a cell phone charger for when you're out in the woods and not next to an electrical outlet. According the Ralph's peeps, the backpack can charge up your cell phone battery in about 3 hours. Being green comes at a price though. The solar powered backpack will set you back $800, so if you're looking to save the planet one cell phone recharge at a time you better start collecting more cans to take to the recycling center.