Samsung released quite bit of interesting news at its London conference this past week. Among the news of laying out a full range of galaxy S4’s; S4 mini, S4 Active, and S4 Zoom, it announced that the mother of the S4 will be dressing in some vibrant colors soon. At the conference they revealed that the S4 will be available in five new colors:
  1. Brown Autumn
  2. Red Aurora
  3. Blue Arctic
  4. Purple Mirage
  5. Pink Twilight
These new colors are a welcome sight to those of us who are tired of being boxed in by a black and white world. However, these new colors do raise an interesting issue.  According to 56% of American Adults use smartphones. And it would be my estimation that over 2/3rds of these smartphone using American Adults put cases on their phones for protection (and the rest probably should). So what’s the point of having a colorful phone if you are just going to put a case on it? You could also argue that a case is the way to make your phone more colorful. Of course, there is always the option of a transparent case, which is my guess what most people will do. If you’ve been looking to upgrade to an S4, this just may be the reason to do so, as few other smartphones offer you as many color options. Unfortunately, there is no timetable as to a date yet. But, you could always just buy a colorful case for your S4 or S3 and not even have to wait!

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium