Summer is pretty much right around the corner. People are starting to emerge from their hibernation caves and start enjoying the nice weather. So as you start to grease that bike chain and pump up your tires a company called Ozaki has developed a cell phone case that attaches to your handlebars and amplifies the sound from your dedicated music player of choice. It's called the iCarry, and it is specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod (sorry Android folks). It's actually a great idea and it's infinitely safer. I can't speak for anyone else, but music certainly makes my workout go a lot faster and not seem like a workout. But riding around with earphones plugging your ear holes is a great way to not hear oncoming traffic. The amplifier isn't really anything new. We've seen plenty of speaker cases that amplify sound without using electricity. It's a simple matter of physics and acoustics that make it work. This model also apparently amplifies the sound coming into the phone, so conceivably, it should make it easier for the person on the other end of the line to hear what you're saying when you're in speakerphone mode. I know what you're thinking. What if a wreck my bike? I've pretty much just thrashed my phone as well. Not so my friend. This case is extremely well put together. It's made in Germany after all. Check out the video below to see how sturdy and stable this sucker is during a live test. Probably the only real downer here is the price tag. At $50 bucks, it's a steep price to pay if you are just a casual bike rider. But if you are really active, it is probably a worthwhile investment.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium