Chargers?  We don’t need no stinking chargers?  OK, so the Powermat technically is a charger and one of the cooler phone accessories we’ve seen in a long time.  Well they are trying to get a little bit cooler.  For those not familiar with the Powermat, it is a device that wirelessly charges up to three devices.  Last year they came out with a device that essentially was a phone case you put on your handset and then placed on a mat.  The mat then charged your battery without having to be plugged into the wall.  This summer, they came out with special batteries that could be swapped into your phone and charge directly on the mat without the need for the special case. Now the makers of Powermat are trying to integrate their technology straight into phones, so there is no need for a special case or battery at all.  They expect to see their plans come to fruition sometime next year.  Don’t throw out your Droid 2 charger just yet though.  No word on whether Powermat will try to integrate the technology into a pre-existing handset or if they will try and collaborate with a manufacturer to develop a specially branded cell phone.  Since each cell phone manufacturer designs their handsets with specific charging needs, there is also a possibility that Powermat could sign an exclusivity deal with one manufacturer.  It would be easier to introduce the technology because Powermat would only be trying to integrate their technology with one particular set of specs rather than dozens of different sets of specs. Regardless of which path they choose, you will still need the mat itself, which plugs into the wall, but your remaining devices would be cord free, which is pretty darn sweet.  Whatever the case may be, Powermat is doing their best to make your desk look as cool as possible.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium