Phone calls from a fake lover have never been high on my list of methods to escaping awkward situations, but over 1400 people on Facebook and Twitter alone have admitted to using the services of to do just that. Before you get that adult filter ready, let me tell you something about this obscure product.

FakeGirlfriend is not an 'adult' website per se, but a service that allows you to summon a fake girlfriend with a phone call or text. Developers of this Twilio-based app propose the following for whatever situation you may find yourself needing a false significant other:

"Are you tired of being embarrassed by the fact that you don't have a girlfriend? Do you wish that you could get interrupted by a loving phone-call during man time? Let me introduce you to FakeGirlfriend."

The steps to falsified freedom are easy:

  • Save their Twilio-based phone number to your phone under your "girlfriend's" name
  • Send a text to "her"
  • FakeGirlfriend will respond with a "girlfriend-esque" message and then call you with a pre-recorded message.
  • After hanging up, gloat to your friends or escape from the situation as permitted.

These steps may be your saving grace, but what if you need to cover your fake-girlfriend bases on Facebook? David Fuhriman's Cloud Girlfriend allows you to maintain a relationship via Facebook to give you peace of mind, one loving, robotic Wall Post at a time.

...Uh, just what the market needed?

The difference between FakeGirlfriend and Cloud Girlfriend is that the former service is solely on your phone with preset messages. If you want a bit more personalization to your pseudo-relationship, Cloud Girlfriend may be of service to you, since "the easiest way to get a girlfriend is to already have one."

Wise words.

As the world throws more hurdles your way against meeting the right person, technology looks to ease the burden with services that electronically bless users with dating prowess. Having a brand-new, fake girlfriend is as easy as A few clicks on your phone or keyboard.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium