If you aren't already familiar with the fine products offered by Cobra you are either an extremely safe driver or you have racked up thousands of dollars in unnecessary speeding tickets. Cobra specializes in radar detectors and recently started using mobile technology to expand its product line. Since the end of 2010, iPhone users have been able to download an app called iRadar and buy a cell phone accessory that is actually a radar detector. In addition to identifying speed traps, the app utilizes your phone's GPS to find those annoying red light cameras. Eventually, you'll also be able to share speed trap locations with other iRadar users through the app. Cobra will be coming out with a similar set up for Android phones next month, so all you lead foots should be keeping an eye out in the Android Market. While we don't advocate unsafe driving, perhaps being aware of a speed trap is more of an incentive to slow down than getting spanked with a $100 ticket after the fact. Just a thought.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium