Yesterday I stopped by Best Buy to pick up some groceries. What? They sell sodas, candy and chocolate covered pretzels. Don't judge. Anyway, on my way in the store and there are already about a half dozen people outside who have pitched tents in anticipation of Black Friday. This was Tuesday night, which means these people are going to be camped out on the sidewalk for three freaking days and nights just to be first in line. Don't they have jobs? There is a point. Best Buy has already set up their store for optimum impulse purchases. Their phone accessories have been moved out of the mobile department and are strategically located right on the most heavily trafficked aisles. It's amusing to me the lengths that people will go to save a few bucks. I can understand saving a hundred bucks on a TV, but those impulse buys are always cheaper online. When push comes to shove, anything cellular is better to go to the source. We've been trying to keep you posted on the various Black Friday sales that the different carriers are offering and before we head off to overdose on tryptophan we figured we'd share one last sale. AT&T will be offering a buy one get one free sale for all of their Windows Phones starting on the 26th. There are three phones to choose from including the LG Quantum, the HTC Surround, and the Samsung Focus. Before you get too excited to run out and buy these phones though, remember that there has been a hardware issue with Windows Phones. They are only capable of reading the memory card that came with the phone, so no expansion is possible on these badboys. If you are photo taking, video recording, song downloading super dynamo, these might not be the phones for you.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium