Let's face facts. Not all phones are created equal. Take my sister's phone for example. She hasn't upgraded her phone in close to 6 years, despite the fact that at this point, she would have been eligible for 3 separate upgrades in that time period. Not only does her phone not have any internet capabilities of any kind, it doesn't even have the capability to hook up to a Bluetooth headset. But if a company called Gemalto has its way, her stupid phone will be equal to my super cool 4G smartphone in one area of new technology –NFC. For those not familiar with NFC, it stands for Near Field Communications, and will allow us to pay for goods and services by simply swiping our phones over a receiver of some sort. The technology is already starting to seep into everyday life, and should be ubiquitous by 2012. That's where Gemalto comes in. They are a SIM card manufacturer, and have developed a SIM card with an NFC chip. Those SIM cards won't just work on the latest and greatest phones either. The will work on any phone that requires a SIM card. That would be every GSM phone on planet earth. Pretty cool, even though it gives my sister yet another reason to cling to an antique.