As Apple has been known to be an innovator of new and exciting tech products for consumers, this year of 2013 is looking to be another promising year for the company with its new releases. Apple is looking to improve all of their product lines including the iPhone, iPad and iPod with better features. They are also looking to expand their target market with some new designs that will lead to more affordable products. It will be an exciting year for Apple, so take a look at what to expect from Apple this year. iPhone 5S As a successor of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S will have the same body shape as the iPhone 5. As the outer shell of the iPhone 5S is going to be almost identical to the iPhone 5, the new feature of this model lies within the home button. Hopes are held high that the home button of the iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint sensor to eliminate the need for protection passwords to access your phone. No longer will you have to worry about people hacking into your phone or having to remember a pass code. If this feature does not come out with the release of the iPhone 5S, then expect to see it in the near future with new models to come. The storage and battery life are also supposed to improve for the new iPhone.  Greater and better battery life for the iPhone 5S is increased to 1700 mAh, and the inbuilt storage memory is  rumored to be available with a huge 128GB flash drive. The iPhone 5S is also going to support the highly anticipated software of iOS 7. This new software will feature a new and faster way to manage your apps and music with a more efficient app switching experience. Budget iPhone 5 Two iPhones coming out in the same year? With the release of the iPhone 5S looking to hit the shelves in the third quarter of this year, rumors say that a budget iPhone will also be released to compete with low-end Android devices. With every Apple release of a new iPhone, it seems to leave consumers’ pockets empty to afford anything else but the latest model. This problem of breaking a leg to buy the new iPhone is resolved with the new iPhone 5. The main selling point of the budget iPhone 5 is that it will be a low-cost smartphone with less expensive materials than the former models. This new iPhone will have a plastic casing and no Retina display. The low-cost iPhone 5 will also be available in a variety of different colors, six to be exact.  The price point of this budget iPhone will be about half of the price of an iPhone and is looking to be available to the public this coming summer. Retina iPad mini Keep an eye out for the new iPad mini featuring Retina display in the second half of the year. The Retina iPad mini will be 7.9 inches, with a higher resolution of 2,048 x 1,536. It will also have a higher pixel density of 324 ppi. The only downfall of this new Retina iPad mini is the slight increase in weight of the device due to the enhanced thickness for the Retina feature. Patent for Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device Can you imagine never having to worry about cracking the screen of your iPhone every again? That dreadfull fall of your iPhone resulting in a cracked screen is looking to be a thing of the past with the recent publishing of a patent that Apple has been pushing for. The patent is an innovation that identifies that when a phone is falling, it adjusts its center of mass to control its landing so that the phone will not land on the glass screen. This technology will work with a sensor that detects when your iPhone is in freefall and the senor knows how the device is positioned to the ground as it makes internal adjustments to allow the phone to land on a non-vital area of the device. Let’s hope that this patent comes in full effect soon so that our iPhone’s lifespan will be longer. Modified iPod touch According to Apple Insider, Apple is looking to target a more budget-minded audience with a new iPod releasing this year. Similar to the budget iPhone, the modified iPod touch will be made of less expensive materials in order to pull the price point lower. Compared with the 5th generation iPod touch, the modified iPod touch will have the same design but with possible changes to the camera ports. With the change of the camera ports, this new budget iPod touch may or may not lose its camera features in order to fulfill a lower price for consumers. This more affordable iPod touch is looking to hit the shelves in the third quarter of this year at $199.   Keep a eye out for all of these new Apple products coming in the second half of the year. Also be on the look out for more Apple products they are also looking to release this year including an improved iMac, iPod Nano refresh, Mac mini and more.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium