You know those annoying pop up ads that appear on your phone when you are running your favorite apps? You know the ones I'm talking about. Well what if those pop up ads started talking smak about your phone or your cellular carrier? Now they can, and they do. It has already been confirmed that RIM (Blackberry) and Nokia are launching mobile adds that use a bit of code to determine what phone you are using. If that phone happens to not be made by them, the ad lets you know just how much your phone sucks when compared to theirs. Conceivably every phone manufacturer can and will be using this form of mobile attack ad moving forward, though it's hard to imagine what sort of trash Nokia is talking. Apple can brag about the bazillion cell phone accessories and apps specifically designed for their phones. Android can brag about how their not Canadian. Blackberry can brag about how they are still the biggest dog on the block (even if that's going to change within the next few months). The smak talk is transcending its way to carriers as well. Are you rocking an AT&T phone? T-Mobile can send an ad to your phone telling you how much you're overpaying for the data plan your using to see that pop up ad in the first place. It has gotten to the point where carriers are already asking mobile advertising companies to block in-app ads from competitors. This should be fun to watch.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium