Are you a Mac or a PC?  The two Silicone Valley giants have been trading punches for years in the home computing arena, and have carried that fight into the cellular world.  As it stands right now, Apple is the undisputed king of the ring right now.  But unlike a mano a mano prizefight (home computers), the cellular marketplace might as well be a battle royal. In addition to Apple’s iPhone and the iOS it runs on, there is the Android Army, Nokia’s ill fated Symbian OS and coming soon to a wireless store near you, Windows phone7.  This is hardly Windows’ first foray into the battle; however, the new Windows 7 is supposedly getting a massive upgrade and has lured some of the biggest names in the cell world to their operating system. Samsung recently announced that they will be releasing several Windows phone 7 phones before the holiday shopping season and the HTC Mondrian has been causing quite a buzz.  These phones definitely aren’t going to be for dorky Poindexters in poorly tailored brown suits and coke bottle glasses.  It will no doubt be a serious uphill climb for Microsoft to make a genuine impact in what would otherwise seem like a saturated cell phone market.  But Bill Gates isn’t one to walk away from a challenge.  Only time will tell if the Windows phone 7 will capture the hearts of Americans everywhere.  At least they have us curious.  It’s a start.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium