Not too long ago we wrote up a blog on the best antivirus apps for the various mobile platforms. Unsurprisingly, Android has the most options as their open source policy has opened the door for several malware attacks in the app store. Also unsurprisingly, Apple had no antivirus applications available to their users. The belief has always been that Apple is invulnerable to viruses and cyber attacks. That belief has been turned on its head. Apple has acknowledged that there is indeed a hole in their iOS software that allows hackers to steal personal information from people's phones. This could include anything from a user's location via GPS, passwords and mobile banking accounts, to simply intercepting e-mail, phone calls and text messages. In other words, it's a massive security concern. The security breach was discovered by, a site that offers tutorials for users to jailbreak their phones. In addition to other "enhanced" features, a jailbroken iPhone gives users access to third party apps not approved by the App Store. Ironically, the only way to patch the security breach is by downloading a third party app on a jailbroken phone. The app is called PDF Patcher 2 Apple has confirmed that they are working on a fix themselves which will be available in a future iOS update, but that serves as little solace to customers who have been convinced by Apple marketing that their Apple devices are impenetrable. It isn't in dispute whether or not Apple devices are more secure than their Android counterparts. They are. But recent attacks against Apple by the hacker group Anti-Sec and this security flaw illustrate that Apple users need to be more careful. For Apple, switching to a more proactive philosophy, rather than a reactive philosophy might be in their best interests as well. That would mean developing an antivirus app of some sort for the App Store that would detect malicious software before someone downloads it to their device. The simple fact of the matter is that as Apple products become increasingly popular, and the use of smartphones for everyday activities, like banking, becomes more commonplace, Apple products will become a more juicy target for hackers.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium