Apparently, just getting into the sports world isn’t enough for Jay-Z The rapper turned business mogul has reportedly been in serious talks with Samsung in attempts to ink a deal worth $20 million. While there are no real details out there about what the deal would entail, there is much speculation as to what this collaboration would mean. Given Jay-Z's background and presence in the music industry, and with the power behind his Roc Nation label, Samsung would look to him to help create a music service to bolster their presence. While Samsung has a Music Hub which allows for its users to download music, its prevalence as the go to music source is far behind that of say, Apple. A deal with Jay-Z would surely go far in boosting their music services, and give them some street cred that their competitors may not have. Whether or not any of this would come about through this deal, there is no way of knowing just yet. But, this type of deal would surely cement this year as Samsung’s.  

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium