Jawbone is known as a leader in Bluetooth headsets. Their focus is of course on hands free cell phone use, so it should come as no surprise that they have come out with an iPhone application that is a hands free voice messaging system called THOUGHTS. This really isn't anything that revolutionary. My cousin sends me text messages with a voice recording from his phone all the time, and his phone predates the moon landing. Where the Jawbone app differs is that if the person you are sending your voice message to doesn't have the app downloaded to their phone, it translates the voice into a standard text message. It's a unique feature, and the fact that THOUGHTS is free it makes it a worthwhile app to add to the pantheon. No word yet if Jawbone plans on releasing an Android or Blackberry version of the app just yet. Sticking with Bluetooth, Plantronics has come out with a pretty sick new headset. They are calling it the Voyager PRO UC, and it comes with capacitive sensors that can tell if the headset is in your ear or in your hand. So let's say you are listening to the music player on your phone. You're headset is paired with your phone but is sitting on your desk. The music will play out of your phone. But as soon as you put the Voyager PRO UC in your ear, it will automatically start playing the music through the ear piece. The Voyager PRO UC also has a function where it can sync up with your Outlook account and read the subject line of incoming e-mails to you. Plantronics plans on releasing this Bluetooth device on the world in early 2011, but they haven't released any pricing information as of yet.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium