For most, a cell phone faceplate is just a means to protect their phone from every day damage. Sure, you might get a pink or purple one to add a little flair, but very rarely can you call your phone's first line of defense art. That's were Izozzi comes in. Izozzi has managed to collaborate with a team of pop artists and graphic artist to create a full line of iPhone cases unlike anything available on the market. Designs range from dark Alice in Wonderland like scenes to tribal like designs and patterns. 'Simply put - we're in this because we love it. We love the art, the creative process behind it, and artists that have the stamina and balls to dare make a living at it,' says John Petzinger, founder of Izozzi. 'We love building the art into the product and get a thrill each time an izozzi case goes out the door. A lot of love here...and that's a very cool place to be.' You can see a few examples of the types of cases on offer below.