A few months ago we recorded a video where we dropped a Blackberry off the roof of our warehouse in various cell phone cases to test just how much protection you actually get when you wrap your phone in one of these items. The results were actually quite impressive. We'd never even think of doing the same test with an iPhone 4. Even with an iPhone case, the glass backing that has been known to crack extremely easily, just didn't inspire a lot of confidence. We may have underestimated the strength of a good case. If this story is to be believed a Staff Seargent in the Air Force dropped his iPhone out of a plane while scouting parachute jump sites. The iPone 4 plummeted 1,000 feet to the ground. When he got back to base, he activated his Find My Phone app on his computer and tracked down the device. Not only did he find his phone, it was in perfect working condition. Here is a picture of the alleged phone.