Not that long ago we wrote a blog about a designer that was making high end suits specifically designed with a giant pocket to carry around an iPad. We scoffed. We mocked. We laughed that this sort of fashion could ever catch on. We were wrong. We were oh so horribly, shamefully, woefully wrong. Apparently your pants are now an iPad accessory, provided you buy your clothes based on the recommendations of the Tactical Pants Blog. Yes. That is a real blog. No. We're not kidding. It really is a real blog. Tactical Pants reviewed several pairs of pants with enormously oversized pockets to test which ones were best for sauntering around with a tablet in them. Their conclusion: the best pair of iPad pants is made by a company called Warrior Wear Pants called Blackhawks. In addition to their ginormous back pocket, there is a second cargo pocket also big enough to carry an iPad. But this pocket is an "in-emergencies-only" scenarios kind of pocket. Sadly, the Blackhawk has been discontinued. I'm sure someone with an entrepreneurial spirit can scoop a bunch of these up on e-bay and make a fortune on the tactical pants black market. The great thing about iPad pants is that those gigantic pockets can hold so much more than just an iPad. If your girlfriend ever asks you to hold her purse, just stick it in your giant iPad pocket. Small dogs and kittens: yup, iPad pocket. Or transport an entire set of encyclopedias one volume at a time. The possibilities really are endless.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium