Ok, maybe the phrase "Insta Addict" might be a bit extreme, but if you're anything like me, Instagram is your go-to app when you want to show off that awesome new photo you took. For those of you who don't know what Instagram is, it's a photo-sharing  app and social network. Users can take pictures, apply a filter, and then share it with other users.  Although I could sit here all day raving about Instagram, there are also apps out there to enhance Instagram.   Ever want to Instagram something but there's too many pictures to choose from? Well, Diptic has 52 different frames where you can paste multiple images to create a collage. You can also adjust brightness and contrast level or change the color and size of the frame. And to make your life a little bit easier, you can take pictures directly from the app. Get it at the iTunes store or on Google Play for $0.99.       There's only two things I hate about Instagram: private profiles and having to screen shot every picture you want a copy of. Although I haven't found a solution to the first problem, Instake solves the second. With this app you can download the picture of your choice and save it straight to your camera roll. Sorry Android users, Instake is only available on iTunes for free.  

  TypoInsta is a fun app that resembles a Japanese photo booth. It features 120 fonts and 30 text effects and graphics to edit pictures. It runs for $1.99 on iTunes.       If you're the type who likes to stay organized then My InstaAlbum is the perfect app for you. It allows you to sort albums by date, location, tag, or filter. With this app you can upload your pictures directly to DropBox. My InstaAlbum is available on iTunes for $1.99     Snapseed let's you edit your pictures before posting them to Instagram with adjustments or creative enhancements. If you're looking to adjust your photo, you use features like auto correct, rotate/straighten, or crop. You can apply filters to your photo such as vintage or grunge. This app used to cost $4.99 on iTunes. However, it is now available for both Android and iOS for free.       These are just some of our favorite apps to enhance Intagram. What are yours?


Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium