When push comes to shove, one of the biggest selling points of smartphones is the apps that come with them. You can hardly get through a day without reading a story about a certain new app, how many apps are downloaded per day from Apple vs. Android, or how the number of apps available on one particular operating system is either a selling point or a reason to avoid a certain phone. The simple fact is that a lot of the apps are redundant, so having 300,000 apps isn't really that impressive when so many of them do the exact same thing. The only thing they didn't have was an app to keep your cat entertained, because we all have iPads for the strict purpose of occupying our cats. Now clearly this app was created by the crazy cat lady living in apartment 4B, but who knew she had a degree in computer programming. And if you are dumb enough to download this app to your iPad without first putting an iPad screen protector on your phone, well you deserve everything that is coming to you. Essentially it's an object that moves around your iPad screen prompting your cat to claw the crap out of the display. Genius! Speaking of genius, without the sarcasm, is another iPhone app. It's a $5 iPhone app from World Lens that uses augmented reality to translate words from Spanish to English or English to Spanish. Open the app, point your phone at a sign you want translated and instantly, it translates the image into English, or Spanish, depending on which way you want it to go. Right now it's only available for the iPhone and only in the two languages. But demand for this will probably be through the roof, which should prompt World Lens to expand its language capability and platform compatibility pretty quickly.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium