HTC is quickly emerging as a major player in the handheld market.  The Taiwanese company has been around for awhile, but when they launched the first ever Android phone, they announced their arrival in a big way.  Prior to that, HTC had almost exclusively worked with Windows mobile devices, but shifted away from that strategy when it saw the opportunities presented by the Android revolution. Now the company is splitting its focus and is returning to the Windows platform with several models that will operate as new Windows Phone 7 devices.  Two of those devices are the Legend and the Desire, which will come in “phantom black” and “brilliant white” respectively.  To the untrained eye, they look like one black phone and one white phone.  HTC phones have been growing in popularity the past year or so, with releases like the HTC Evo and HTC HD2 receiving rave reviews. Even though the phones won’t officially be available to play with for a couple more weeks at the earliest, it’s hard to imagine that HTC is putting out anything short of a fantastic handheld.  The real question is if those efforts have been wasted on a platform that is two years late to the party.  Should the Windows Phone 7 operating system prove to be a dud, all the cell phone accessories in the world aren’t going to cover up that fact.  But given the time and effort HTC took to move away from Windows previously, the idea that they are going back has to breathe at least a little confidence into the notion that Microsoft has done something right with their new platform.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium