So I put on my winter coat for the first time this year and guess what I found in the pocket?  $27,000.  I hadn’t even realized it was missing.  Silly me.  Figuring I might as well blow it on something extravagant, I decided to buy the new Vertu Constellation Quest phone, which ironically enough costs $27,000. Now I finally have the same phone as all my friends. What exactly makes this phone so expensive you ask?  Well I thought I’d find out for myself, so I headed over to the Vertu homepage to find out.  But when I clicked on the specs section for one of their phone models, my browser crashed.  Naturally I figured that they had some super technology that realized I was too poor to even look at their phones, let alone buy one, and I got sad.  But mamma didn’t raise no quitter, so I reopened my browser and tried again, and it worked.  So what sort of extra terrestrial materials is this phone made from to make it so darn expensive? First the screen is protected by a layer of sapphire crystal, which is so strong it can resist, wait for it, a car key.  While having a screen protected by the same stuff that Superman’s fortress of solitude was made from is cool, but you can get an iPhone 4 screen protector that also resists scratches from car keys.  The numbers and letters on the Constelation Quest are made up from 1,100 tiny holes drilled through the ceramic keypad.  Said holes are then filled with a special lacquer that lets light pass through it, so when backlit, it looks exactly the same as any other phone’s backlit keypad.  But the backing has leather on it.  So there you go. So for $27,000 you can get the Vertu Constelation Quest.  Or for $10 in cell phone accessories you can pimp out your iPhone to do pretty much the same exact thing.

Posted by David Yi, Social Media and SEO Assistant at Wireless Emporium